What Is Dada Ono?

Dada Ono is a five piece band with front woman, electric violinist and songwriter Nik Ranger, guitarists Dean Tellefson, Tejo D'Cruz, bassist Tom Hainsworth and drummer Larni Pearce.   Dada Ono's music is fun, eclectic and purely unique having an electric violin lead the band, buffeted by a supporting lead and rhythm guitar. Known for their psych rock roots, they cast a pop rock etherial glaze over it for a dreamy, exciting live performance.   Dada ˈdadə/ The movement in art and literature based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional artistic values. Ono /ɔnɒ/ Japanese 斧 Ax, Axe, Hatchet. Re-appropriated from the traditional colloquial nickname for the electric guitar, the electric violin sounds strives to emulate.