Dada Ono Music Discography

From the humble beginnings, playing solo with a loop station at open mic nights across Melbourne to playing festivals and touring, Dada Ono has had an illustrious career playing with some of the best musicians that Australia has to offer.

Current members: Nik Ranger (electric violin, vocalist, composer), Tom Hainsworth (bass, producer, tech engineer), Dean Tellefson (guitarist, producer), Tejo D’Cruz (guitarist), Larni Pearce (drummer).

Previous members: Christine Rogers (drummer), Kimberley Little (vocalist), Broghan O’Loughlin (drummer), Lewis Reidy-Crofts (bassist), Jason Whatt (guitarist).

Guest members: Sean Newell (drums).


Support for Touring Bands

Playing as the opening act for a well-known touring band can be a major stepping stone in your career as an artist. You’ll get exposed to a wider audience, create relationships with industry professionals, and possibly even turn the other musicians into your fans. Snagging an opening slot can result in anything from simply having a fun night out with fellow artists to landing a coveted gig as the touring band’s official opening act the next time they head out on the road.tash sultana and nik ranger

Pictured above, supporting Tash Sultana at the Townsville Cultural Festival.

International legends SSHH on their Australian tour, supporting Primal Scream after supporting Liam Gallagher – we were chosen to support them for their surprise show exclusive to The Penny Black.

The video follows Sharna Liguz, the lead singer of SSHH as she belts out the song “Gorilla” with The incredible Zak Starkey on guitar, who’s also the drummer for The Who and Oasis (and son of Ringo Starr), who get mobbed on stage by gorillas from the audience. We’re playing ‘Higher Than A Mountain’, that we’re releasing mid-year with a make up band, Sean Newell filling in superbly for Larni Pearce who was drumming for Creature Fear, and one guitarist down while Tejo D’Cruz is getting better.


Local Melbourne Band

Gigging is the most immediate way for us as a band to to hone our skills as performers and connect with our existing and potential fans. Over the space of a forty-or-so minute set, you can find out pretty quickly what works and you need to work on – an invaluable tool for any band starting out.

Starting out, you’ll have to do this yourself so you’ll have to be pro-active, persistent and patient all at once.

“Melbourne is incredibly unique with how rapidly the underground music scene is developing, and we love it for that. Five years ago there were only a handful of touring agencies that effectively owned the dance scene – now there’s a new party crew and promotional group popping up every week with a sponsored post on Facebook about their next event. Your event can easily get lost in the crowded market, unless you have the core following and great reputation.” Oliver Moir is the director of Pine Forest Tea Party.

Art & Music Events

As we’re an incredibly diverse band, who are self described art rock / dark pop punk at times, we’ve put this to our advantage by curating art & music events where we both play and curate art exhibitions.

Featured in the video is one such show, where Nik Ranger debuted her first art exhibition with prolific artist and Horace Bones drummer Christian Fish. While the art exhibitions were upstairs, phenomenal bands The Naysayers​, Ogopogo​ and Horace Bones​ soundtracked the night.